Rudi Giuliani On Cavuto

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I have just finished watching this clip and while I never liked much about Giuliiani but his points are mind boggling:

1.) He's suggesting cuts in government spending right now?  Really?  Has he ever talked to an economist who supports this?
2.) Somehow all of this spending isn't stimulative?  What makes spending stimulative?  Republicans keep trying to suggest that there are some set of spending that doesn't count, largely because it promotes things they don't like, such as green energy.  I've yet to hear a Republican actually give me an example of something they would consider stimulative, except for tax cuts, which I would argue are the worst way to stimulate. 

Giuliani's plan is apparently:  Bail out the banks and then cut spending.  I'd love to find an economist who thinks that's sound.  It strikes me that the Republicans are just playing spoiler, because not only do they know that no matter what you do, it's not going to suddenly turn everything around, and they know that they have some power in making sure that things stay bad.