Equity Sweat Mission and Rules

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EquitySweat.com is a website dedicated to having intelligent discussion about the economy and investment opportunities.  Almost all message boards on these subjects turn into tantrum pages where people "promote" their own stock and have a fit if someone disagrees with them so we have the following rules:

  1. No personal attacks.  Period.
  2. No "stumping" for your stock.  Intelligent discourse is encouraged, fearmongering or blatant salesmanship.  This is the difference between pointing out a great P/E ratio and saying somethig like "If you don't buy this stock now you will regret it!"  There's no information in the second so it's just useless marketing.
  3. Remain calm.  Just because someone else isn't as bullish on Gold doesn't mean he hates you and is out to get you.  If you're getting too fired up, take a deep breath and come back when you can talk rationally instead of freaking out.